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Welcome to our study of American Teens!

Representations of American Teens – A list of representations we have seen 

Teenagers are searching for their identity.

Teenagers are represented as being members of a social hierarchy.

Teenagers are shown as being under pressure to succeed in life and in love.

Teenagers are shown as being materialistic.

Teenagers are shown as being bullies (to keep their place in the social hierarchy).

In the resources folder you will find:
  • Class handouts and resources
  • The lyrics to the song "At Seventeen" a song that was popular in the late 1970's about teenage alienation and address the types of issues in the films we have watched - It was sung by Janis Ian. It's no mistake that the alienated character in 'Mean Girls' is called Janis Ian - and you can find the soundtrack to it 46 minutes into the film! Watch Janis herself sing it and explain why she wrote it, below.
Find interesting internet sites about "Glee" and representation here.
American teen articles can be found here
An interesting article about how one girl turned against the advice of Seventeen magazine to buy, buy, buy!
An interview with the woman who wrote the book that Mean Girls is based on. She talks about the impact that this sort of behaviour has on adult women.
Article discussing representation in American Teen.
See screen shots from Seventeen websiteat the bottom of this page


This is an interview with Nanette Burnstein about American Teen (Filmed at Sundance film festival where the film was first bought and distributed).

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