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This page is for filmmakers. You can use it help you with assessments or just to improve your filmmaking skills and knowledge. You can use the discussion below to leave your comments, questions, suggestions etc. Any other great film making sites you know about?

Check out this student project. Every film term you ever needed to know can be found here.
Here's a good tutorial on how to manage sound when you're filming

Here's a good tutorial about how to create better lighting in your videos - when you're outdoors. Some cheap alternatives to expensive lighting gear are suggested. Try some of these suggestions with our lighting boards. Ask your teacher how.

Here's some good general film making advice and links to other sites

Here's some great Adobe Premiere Pro tutorials

Here is a video about creative commons. What it is, and how to use it. If you want to submit your films to competition and you need music and/or images you didn't create yourself you're going to need to use creative commons material.

Here's a link to creative commons music (sites music that is legal to use on your videos. That means you can enter them into competition! and put them up on You Tube)

This video give you some great advice about coverage - It's important to learn how to get good coverage before you begin filming so the editor has enough footage to make a good film

Thank's for this TJ. What's in the box?

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