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Welcome to the documentary page!
  • Please look on the right for the resources and activities we are using while doing 3.2 90600 Explain how meaning is created in media text
  • The documentaries you have been studying for the assessment will be available on the editing room computers so you can rewatch them. You must ask your media teacher for access. Don't leave it til the last minute!
  • Below are some resources that might come in handy whilst studying documentary and making your documentary.
11/4/11- I've updated the Z Boys folder with more resources - check it out!
14/3/11 - Ms Thompson's class - the 'words to describe Topp Twins' are over on the right there in the folder Topp Twins Material. Please use your Untouchable girls handout AND the words to write at least TWO paragraphs each on 1) the way the twins are represented and 2) a significant message/value in the documentary. You must use quotes from the handout to back up your points. Due Wednesday 23rd March.

Review and critical material for your assessment

Here is a great excerpt from a documentary about documentaries! Great documentary film makers talk about their craft and what documentary is to them. To see much more fabulous advice go here and choose your film maker!

Leanne Pooley talks about making Untouchable Girls

Documentaries to watch (out of interest AND to learn about making documentary!)
Here is 'The Archive' 

Jazz doco intro - with ken burns effect. See also this information about Ken Burns

The fourdocs website has a blog and an excellent wiki as well as some short documentary films to watch.

The Nasa negro space programme
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Media Gallery:
Short docume...
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model answer black nassa with comments
Z Boys
close reading z boys
Readings Dogtown and Z Boys
Generation Landslide by Alice Cooper
Dogtown and Z Boys
Z Boys sentence starters Elements
documentary handouts
3.2 task 2011
untouchable girls background
doco elements
work to complete
The archive
The Nasa Negro Space Programme
Topp Twins material
historical context
review topp twins
untouchable girls readings
Words to describe Topp Twins
concept and treatment
concept and treatment task
Gasland Presentations
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