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Year 9 Mathematics:

Writing schedule for the Zinflandian Project

All resources are in the folders

End of year exams
The papers in the 2 hour end of year exams are
  • Number
  • Algebra
  • Graphs and Patterns


In the resources (to the right) you will find some previous end of year exams.

You will need a calculator, ruler, pencil, rubber (no Twink allowed).

Zinflandian Project
Y9 statisitcs project Term 4 2010
Worksheet 1
Datasheet 1
Writing Frame Stage 2
Writing Frame Stage 3
y9 practice for end of year
practice exams for T4 year 9
y9 practice exam answers
2013 revision
91 EOY Exams pub 2011
2014 revision papers
Year 9 Algebra Term 3 practice exam 2014
Year 9 Number Term 3 Practice Exam 2014
Year 9 Patterns and Graphs Term 3 Practice exam 2014