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Welcome to the Year 11 maths page.
The most relevant practice task for the MCAT (AS1.2 Algebraic Methods) is in the resource to the right "2015 MCAT practice"

PLEASE NOTE: 2014 extra practice exams on the Subpage "External Practice"
Some great study sites are:
www.studyit.org.nz - A site for Maths (and science) at all levels. You can find the standard you're studying and look up achievement crietia (what you need to learn to achieve each grade), revision notes, tips and practice papers.
www.nceax.co.nz - A site of practice questions for externals. This self marks so you know how well your doing.
http://www.mathscentre.co.nz/ - A NZ site with lots of worksheets, exam papers (and answers) and videos. A little hard to find some things but you'll get there.
http://learncoach.co.nz/ - A site of very good videos to help you understand and study for you externals topics (currently level 1 only). This site does require you to register and login but it is free and easy.
http://www.nzqa.org.nz/ - complete bank of past exam papers
www.nzamt.org.nz/ - some study resources

2015 MCAT practice
2015 MCAT practice
practice exams for 2011 NCEA externals
Practice exams - Graphing, Geometry & Data/Chance
answers to - Graphing, Geometry & Data/Chance
exemplars for stats AS 1.10
student exemplars from NZQA
stats internal
number practice
practice before FAO AS 1.1
FAO2 AS 1.1
Mrs West algebra homework
20120827 AlgebraRevision - Forming & Solving Equations_LessonPlan
20120830 AlgebraRevision - Forming & Solving Equations