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Year 9 Careers Page
May 2013

Hello to Parents/ Whanau and Caregivers of 2013 Year 9 Students!

Welcome to Year 9 Careers week -  Week 3 of Term 2.

Your Year 9 son/daughter will bring home a Careers booklet in term 2.  Could parents please assist by encouraging your son/daughter with the work, which should take 3-4 hours, over a two week period?  It may take longer with the website activities and quizzes, but these are optional.

The purpose of this homework exercise is for you and your teen to start discussing issues about their interests and future careers.  Parents have a major influence on their teens’ career choices.

This Year 9 Careers booklet allows WSC Year 9 students to build an understanding of their strengths, interests, and values as they start to consider how these influence their lives, learning and work choice.  Current career theory states that students who understand themselves and the influences on them, can build and maintain a positive self-concept and interact positively and effectively with others.  Students who have a better self-knowledge are also able to develop strategies to change and grow throughout their lives. 

Next year, in Year 10, there is a three hour in-class programme at school where they will develop their confidence and ‘career maturity’, (readiness to make an informed decision), and be able to articulate their future aspirations and dreams.  They will begin to understand how they relate to others and the impact their personal decisions have on their lives and be ready to make good subject choices.

Year 9 Careers Booklet   -    The first page is a reference page with helpful hints and extension activities.  It refers to the www.careers.govt.nz website, which has extensive careers information.  Your son/daughter will need to use their Western Springs College  e-mail address to enable their searches to be saved. 

On the last page of the booklet is a checklist of the learning intentions.  Please go through this and tick the boxes with your son/daughter.   I will mark the booklets using the assessment schedule on the inside cover.  Students are to return completed booklets to a box outside the Deans’ office with parents’ signature by Friday 14th June.  The grades will be reports in the end of term reports.

As part of an evaluation, please e-mail your feedback to wallacek@westernsprings.school.nz.

 Thankyou for your participation in your son/daughter’s reflections and the Year 9 Careers education programme which will provide a valuable stepping-stone on their career journeys.



Kay Wallace

Careers Teacher

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