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Year 13 Careers Booklet 2014

  Dreamcatcher portal        Career Voyage



Part 1 – What to do …in 2014 (Form teacher/parent/Dean/careers staff may help)
1.  Career Voyage ‘online career assessment tool’ (Instructions –see separate sheet or intranet)

Create Interest profile report

JOB Suggestions report (Click Top 40)

Select a job then  “PROS and CONS” and “SHOW SIMILAR JOBS” bottom right corner.  

2. Use  the www.careers.govt.nz to research ‘how to get into 2-5  particular jobs’/ payetc.  (Click ‘Jobs Database’ - top middle of red band). 

3  a.  Dreamcatcher-enter first part of your email as username, then------- password ( see Careers teacher).  FIRSTLY YOU MUST CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD by going to ……

   b.  COPY (ctrl C) and PASTE (ctrl V) information from Four heading in the careers website.

2.  Copy and paste 2-5 job results to your DreamCatcher file under the appropriate headings. SAVE AT the bottom of page.

  E.g. Consider job opportunities/labour market/pay/lifestyle factors.  Go to www.careers.govt.nz ‘Whats Happening in the Job Market?’ or ‘Jobs Database’ then “Job Opportunities”

3.  Attended Careers Expos, tertiary visits & course planning. Talked to family, friends about their jobs.    


4.  Investigated scholarship opportunities and applications procedures. 

              a.  View  www.fis.org.nz ‘Breakout’ website (accessible only at WSC or public library) for eligibility.  Apply if appropriate.            

b.  Consider financial scholarships for particular Universities (use google +areas of study plus scholarship) 

              c. Consider an Iwi application for funds if you are affiliated/registered  with one or more Iwi.  Check your whakapapa  and registration. 

 Other tools you can also try are at the appendix section at end of booklet.*

Part 2  Year 13 Leaver Information


Open Days –held at Tertiary Provider (Polytec or Uni) 

Waikato Uni 16th May,   Massey Albany 16 Aug, Massey Wellington 29 Aug, Victoria Uni 29th Aug, AUT Information evening City Campus Fri 6th June, AUT North Shore Campus 20 May, Auckland Uni Open day Sat Aug 30,  Unitec Info evening  Aug TBC

Auckland University Information Evening for Parents and Family 25 June 7.30 Fisher and Payket Auditorium, Owen Glenn Building.  Auckland Uni Finance Evening for PI and Maori Parents 31 July TBC

 Auckland Careers Expo 8-10 May 2014  ASB Showgrounds

Tertiary Informational Visit (1st) to WSC in 2014

Tertiary Informational Visit (1st) to WSC in 2014

Thurs  6th March   1.40 – 2.15  Auckland University in  HALL

Mon      17th March  1.40 -2.15   Otago Uni in Waiora                Camp America  Tuesday 1st April Waiora 1.05

Canterbury Uni Wed 19th March 1.40 – 2.20                             AUT Tues 8th April  1.05- 1.45   Visit in HALL

Mon      7th April      1.40 – 2.15  Victoria Uni Visit in Waiora

Wed     9th  April 1   1.40 - 2.15  Unitec Visit in Waiora

Thursday 12th June 1.40-2.15 LINCOLN UNI visit in Waiora

TBC Massey Uni and Waikato Uni Visit


Tertiary Course Planning Visits (2nd) will be in term 3 (times TBC)

Subject and entry Requirements,  Accommodation,  Study Link  

 Applying Online - documentation needed (IRD number and NZQA number),

Using online tertiary sites; you are a “Future Student” or “Undergraduate”.


Appendix –  Preparation for Work

1. Job Interview Preparation 

Click on http://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/myinterview for an interactive tool designed for you to trial answering interview questions.

More Interview tips


How do you answer “Tell me about yourself.”



 2.  CV and Cover Letter Preparation to match YOU TO the JOB

         “Know Your Skills” http://knowyourskills.careers.govt.nz/
“Know Your CV” http://goo.gl/yo2yos/

     “How to Write a good cover letter” http://goo.gl/8Cg1e

*Ask a parent/teacher to help you capitalise on your strengths in your CV.  CV writing can help focus your career goals too; very important to have your CV checked.  It is easy for you to undersell yourself, especially when using templates.


Applying for part-time or casual  work.

This type of work generally requires a CV, a good telephone introduction and conversation and the right impression at the interview.   Your employer will probably be a referee for your next job applications; be punctual and respectful. 


Want to chat to an independent person?   Try the online chat with Careers NZ at Chat online http://goo.gl/4NUZI OR phone their hotline on 0800 222 733



Stay flexible and open-minded but try to narrow your choices 

Adopt a Plan A but have a Plan B or C (if circumstances change)


Investigate funding course fees, accommodation, travel, demand for qualifications.   Refer to www.studylink.govt.nz Calculators for loans & students allowances.




Remember it’s OK to change your mind.  However, this can be more expensive and time consuming. 


Consider apprenticeship schemes too http://www.careers.govt.nz/education-and-training/workplace-training-and-apprenticeships/modern-apprenticeships or check out Unitec/MIT.





Other Careers Assessment tools you can try.

CareerQuest:  A New Zealand tool that suggests jobs based on your interests.

MyGuide: An Australian career guidance program.

Prospects Planner:  A UK program which helps you generate new jobs ideas

TypeFocus Personality Type Profile   https://www.typefocus.com/

NO MAJOR DRAMA www.nomajordrama.co.nz enables users to create their own personalised rankings in  181 subject areas, provides subjects summaries in each area, online articles and career opportunities.
www.myworldofwork.co.uk   My World of Work (MyWOW) is a Scottish website.  It has GREAT INTERVIEWS, Quizzes and TIPS!

Comparing two or  more options?
Try this new tool comparing levels/fields of study..


For comparing jobs http://www.careers.govt.nz/tools/compare-jobs/

Check Intranet (Student Support…  Careers... Year 13...)  

A copy of this booklet will be posted under “Student Support”  “Careers” “Year 13”  “Careers Booklet” on the Intranet to make access to links easier for you.                  Where to find this booklet            

Accessible to parents and students.                               


Identify your Career Options   DUE DATE 1st APRIL 2014

Career Voyage is an Australian/NZ online program that will help you identify types of work that match your interests & preferences. 

  • produces an interest profile and list of job suggestions for you to research
  • broadens your horizons by looking at a wide range of occupations
  • helps you by confirming (or otherwise) your existing ideas
  • provides back up suggestions
  • suggests types of work not previously heard of or considered.

Instructions for using Career Voyage

Click on link http://www.careervoyage.com.au/nz/Login.cshtml (Or Google “Career Voyage NZ” for Career Voyage for New Zealand)

Create New client account and enter 001823 (WSC Organisation ID)

(LOGIN Troubleshooter – Problems logging in? Check you’re on NZ, not Australian site)
Click “Next” (See bottom right of your screen) “Next” again
Enter Details Create username
(firstnamelastname eg. annwhite) and password (save in your mobile/email). Choose an adviser who accesses your results then SAVE

Preferred Level of Study    CHOOSE CAREFULLY

     Choose “5” if going to University  (if a degree is your final goal)
     Otherwise Choose “4” for trade,polytechnic, work, Polytech (Cert or Diploma)
Interest Guide (answer 20 pages) click NEXT, Job Factors (15 pages)
Click “Top 40”   Select Jobs of interest.  Choose 2-5 Click “Add to notepad”
Click “Generate Report” then print your report (*suggest copy and save to personal doc).
Read Below - Here where this tool is personalised for your personal likes etc.

·         Choose a job you like, Click “Pros and Cons” Section for you in a job- This could save you years of doing a job you don’t like. It lists things you will and won’t enjoy in the job you chose.  The pros and cons are based on your personality and are very useful at looking at advantages and disadvantages of you choosing particular jobs. Print/Save.

·         Read Show Similar Jobs -shows similar jobs to those suggested. Worth a look!

Career Research on NZ websites eg. www.justthejob.co.nz www.careers.govt.nz
Action Plan – optional, Resume writing – use as guidelines for CV writing.
1. Interest Guide - personal likes/dislikes.
2. Interest Profile - work related interests
3. Job Factors - preferred working environment?
4. Job Suggestions - a list of suggested occupations is provided in order of suitability.
5. Report Centre-print your report of job suggestions (Save in Google docs too!)

You and your username and password have only two attempts.  You can copy and save your results to your email or google.docs. (30 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time needed)

Year 13s Your adviser can access completed reports for your careers interview!