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US 7467 Investigate how different audiences interact with media texts
  • We have done the first part of this unit (your media consumption log and comparisons)
  • Now we will do Element 3 - to be assessed in the school exam slot in week 6 term 3
  • Element 3 is about how audiences interpret (read) media text and see it in different ways, depending on who they are and when the text was made
  • Media texts reflect strongly the time and society in which they were made. For example see the film noir genre and 'The Malboro Man'
  • In this unit we will learn to read/interpret a text from a different time/society from two angles
  1. The main reading - the intended interpretation at the time
  2. A variant reading- how we vuew the text and the way people and issues are shown through '2010 eyes'
An example: 'Father knows Best Sitcom' Episode 21 The matchmaker

Some background about 1950's America you need to know:
  • It was an economic boom time
  • There was a baby boom
  • There was a rapid growth of suburbia
  • Technological advancements and commercialism were on the rise (led to the marketing of 'essential' household technology such as vacum cleaners and washing machines
  • Family was important
  • Conservative morals and ethics
What can you say
about how these
topics are viewed? 
Dominant reading
 Secondary Reading


 Family Life  


 One other topic 
of your choice

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