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Financial Scholarship Dates/Details 2017
Part I Applying for Financial Scholarships
1. See guidelines in the studylink website. https://www.studylink.govt.nz/starting-study/thinking-about-study/scholarships.html

2. Go to the GivMe website  http://apps.generosity.org.nz/givME?sessionid=1735685795    Only works through a paid licence at school.

3. Please note that the GivMe program is available free only on the school computers or at computers in public libraries. GivMe is an information collection of scholarships, grants, and study awards.

4.  If you belong to one or more Iwi then there may be funds that you can apply for your education or training.  Check that you are registered (see Iwi website or talk to a kaumatua)

Ms Dikstaal coordinates scholarship applications.











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