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2013 Workchoice Day 2013 to be confirmed.

Report - Year 12 Accounting and Economics Work Choice Day Visit May 2011

Workchoice Trust provided a group of Year 12 students three great opportunities to visit.

The first firm was JRA in Ponsonby , whose vision statement is to 'build great workplaces!'. They specialise in getting feedback from all levels of the company; from customers through to 360 Degree surveys on CEOs. The key outcome is to have engaged employees and loyal customers.

Our Year 12s listened to new graduates' career stories which included how they changed their university courses after their first University year and learned valuable workplace skills at their part-time work. Most employees had post graduate qualifications and some had changed career direction and studied in a different field from their bachelor degree at the post-graduate level. One of the IT managers spoke about the need to follow up applications with a phone call because this action ended up securing him a job at JRA.

We chatted over a tasty lunch and then students completed a 'real time' computer survey of the morning's session. The JRA team then fed back students survey results which were correlated to their gender, and even their preferences on a MacDonald's menu!

The second workplace we visited was BankLink in Mount Eden which provides 80% of NZ accountants with accounting software. Students were impressed hearing about the critical place of developing and testing IT software as part of marketing and product management.

It is very difficult for students attending school every day to have this face to face with people in occupations. Thanks go to Banklink and JRA's hospitality.

Kay Wallace

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