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2012 Sept GAT Report to Staff

The GAT Committee have been amazingly gifted this year!

We have discussed Department identification and provision for gifted and talented students in their subject areas. Do teachers assess prior knowledge of students before beginning a course? How are GAT students identified? What programmes or provisions are made for them, acceleration, extension, differentiation?  How consistent are Deptment  Reports on GAT provision? Shaun and I are looking at writing some guidelines for HOD’s.

At the Gat Committee Meeting in March we discussed how one function of the committee is to educate staff on what to look for in students who may be gifted and/or talented in their subject. We also aim to establishing general identification criteria for WSC for teachers to use. This will not negate subject specific criteria. It will include staff and parental identification, Astle +PAT results and intermediate recommendation.

Gifted across all subjects? Link to White identification and to you tube clip

During Gifted Awareness Week in June, we attempted another possibility when students were encouraged to nominate themselves and their peers via TKI nomination forms, with no success.

Staff were surveyed at a staff meeting  and the students who were identified by more than 1 staff member initially, have been approached to participate in an end of year cross-curricular 3 day activity that enables gifted and/or talented students to show their potential. If you are interested in the end of year programme, all the work for this is on the intranet under student support/GAT.

We also began to look at the equity of acceleration of gifted and/or talented students at WSC. Is it just random or on the basis of recognised criteria. Acceleration is now recognised as one of the best ways of catering for GAT students. I have asked 3 students who have been accelerated since year 10 to write their experiences for the Yearbook.

We also considered the social aspects of gifted and/or talented students at WSC. Are they isolated from their peers? Do they need to spend some time together?

We occaisionally receive parental questions about GAT provision for students and about lack of homework. It has been suggested by the committee that Departments discuss the possibility of putting maybe  1 open ended assignment per term on the intranet for parents to take up if they think their kids are not being challenged enough.

Term 2 2013 Report to staff


GAT Committee Shaun, Jess, Paul, Lauren, Trina, Jenny

In 2013, we have concentrated on the option of “planned acceleration” of Year 9 students up to year 10 as outlined by Janna Wardman in Term 1. We knew that this might meet the needs of only a few or maybe even no students at WSC, but felt that it was an option that we should investigate and Janna’s research certainly supported this belief. Nearly 30 students were identified from PAT, ASTLE, staff survey, intermediate reports, parent recommendation, student surveys, and interviewed. Only 2 students chose to move to Year 10 and one has since chosen to return to Year 9. Shaun and I both feel that these students will identify themselves, if in the future whole year acceleration is necessary.

Although the whole year acceleration has not suited our students, the process we have followed and since modified, has been enlightening and will hopefully be followed half way through term 1 in 2014 and subsequent years. It has enabled us to identify the particular needs of our gifted students and to propose programme changes to better meet their needs in the future. This information could be made available to staff if requested, in the same way as profiles of special needs students are e-mailed to staff.

HOD’s please send me the relevant part of your Dept. Report so that we can form an overview of what departments are doing to cater for GAT students. Students are being accelerated in some subjects, but we do not know about other programmes.

Other non-departmental programmes have been put on the back burner while we have been dealing with the Year 9 acceleration but I am happy to run a withdrawal group at Year 9 or 10 in Term 3. We did invite some Y10 GAT students to accompany the Y11 Philosophy students to St Cuthberts College for a Julie Arliss conference on “The Thinker’s Guide to Big Ideas”, which was invigorating for them.

Notices have also been put in the newsletter and the daily news on workshops on: Forensics: Media Sexism, Ethics and Social Action: Gifted Expo-Biologically Yours.

Jenny Jones



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