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Year 9 GAT TEACHER SURVEY     Name ________________ Subject ____________________

Please write the name below of any student in your Y9 class

1 with extraordinary ability in a skill in your subject area? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

2 with extraordinary ability to understand, identify, manipulate and apply concepts in your subject area?


3 with extraordinary ability to communicate with accuracy, clarity, confidence and flair in speech based settings?


4 with extraordinary ability to communicate with accuracy, clarity, confidence and flair in a written format?

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 5 with extraordinary leadership ability, able to motivate and organise groups so that the group functions at a high level in your subject area?


Pease comment on the social/emotional maturity for their age of any students you have listed above?   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Yr 9 GAT students Identification



Shaun Hawthorne <hawthornes@wsc.school.nz>

Sep 5

to Teachers

Hi all,


As it is coming up to option selection time for 2014 I was wanting to check if there were any Yr 9 GAT students who you believe should be accelerated in your subject at all? i.e. Do yr 11 in 2014 in your subject area and skip year 10.


Criteria for thinking about this is that there would be a reasonable expectation that s/he could achieve at Excellence in Year 11 with effort and support if they were to skip year 10. Also they may have expressed frustration with the standard of work expected of them in Yr 9 in your subject and be wanting harder work...


Although I realise final assessments have not occurred we need to start this investigation process now.


Commonly we have two-four students who may end up doing one or two subjects at yr 11 level.


Let me know



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