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 The Gap Year as a
Career Planning Tool


  "How to tell your Mother why you aren’t going to University"

Wrong reason for taking Gap Year:
  To save money to study.

 You can probably earn more with a qualification than working straight after school.

 Interest free student loans allow you study first before working.
 You will usually be better off (if you chose the course right for you)

Doing the sums:
If you Study First

New graduate teacher      earns  $44,348 per year.      

If you work first at an hourly rate ($15ph) for school leaver earns only $31200 per annum.

The comparison/income difference will be more evident if tertiary fees go up.

                 Downsides of taking a Gap Year

Theoretically your working/earning life will be shortened by one year.

  • You will be separating yourself from  your cohort of school friends.


                                                    What is a Gap Year?

Doing nothing is not an option for a Gap Year.  A  Gap Year is part of the preparation for your future, not giving up on life.This is NOT a Gap Year!

            The Elements of a Gap Year:




  Career Research / Planning


  • occupies your time
  • gives you useful experience
  • is a chance to save or reduce your debt or student borrowing
  • helps fund other Gap activities
    is a good discipline to learn

    can help to pay for later study

    Important not to get used to having too much disposable income

    •Practice living on what you will have when you are a student.

    Can fund Gap Year activities


    an help to create independence

    Can give a different perspective

    Can put some fun into the Gap Year

    Can get you out of your parents’ hair      

    You don’t want to get out of the habit of learning.

    A Gap Year is a chance to learn something you have always wanted to learn – it need not be career related.

    Career Research     Career Research

    Ask about others' career paths.

    Look at the job ads in the newspaper

    Look at web sites like “Seek” or "TradeMeJobs"

    You are looking at jobs you might want to do in the future, rather than current casual work. 

    Read the job descriptions.

    Circle the elements that attract you.
    Suss out the Labour market for types of jobs.(careers website) 


    Keep a scrapbook or clear-file

    Make notes from conversations you have with people about their jobs

    Put in clippings about people doing interesting jobs

    Stick in job ads that look appealing

    Make lists of things you would like to be part of your job

    Establish a Profile on Careers Website


    Look up the interesting jobs you have heard about

    Look for jobs that match your interests

    Subscribe to "My Career Tips NZ"  http://goo.gl/QzktE

    Start developing a career plan

    Find out about the courses that will take you in your chosen direction

            School Reunion

    What do you want to have achieved in 5 years time when you go to your School Reunion?

    Spot the Western Springs College teacher...
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