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Applying Online

Before starting you
need to have
1. IRD number (if you do not have one it is easier for your parents to apply for you www.ird.govt.nz)
2, A reliable and suitable email address is a MUST HAVE. Gmail is highly recommended. Consider a new email address if needed. 
Do not use your school email address which will be deleted/inaccessible.
3. Identification
Certified* evidence (eg. a certified copy of your birth certificate or relevant parts of passport) of your:
  • Legal name.
  • Date of birth.
  • Citizenship status.
4. National Student Number NSN - this is the NZQA login number or NSN number (on MUSAC (NSID) You can obtain this from your Dean or form teacher (sometimes called Ministry of Ed number).
5. Previous Academic History - a printout of your most recent Record of Learning. Login using your NSN and password to www.nzqa.govt.nz, go to Record of Learning.
6. A RECENT passport photograph of you which will be used for your Uni life for admission to examsetc, so must be a good likeness):
  • Colour.
  • Passport-sized (50mm height x 40mm width).
  • On a plain light-coloured background (not white or dark).  
7. Names of the programmes/courses. Auckland Uni allows up to 6 courses. AUT allows 3 courses. Check with other providers.
8. VERY IMPORTANT. After applying, you MUST check your emails to see that your ‘application for admission’ has been received. Make phone enquiries if no acknowledgement emails are received after online applications.
*Certified or Verified documentation. How do I get my documents verified?
Copies of documents like your passport, birth certificate or previous qualifications can be certified or verified by an authorised person who has seen the original.
Authorised people include barristers or solicitor of the High Court, a Justice of the Peace etc
You can also personally bring the originals into the University campuses who will verify them.

Citizens Advice Bureau have JPs at certain times of the day at (phone first)
  • Grey Lynn 510 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn Community Centre 3760392
  • Point Chevalier Library (Saturdays 10-12 only) Ph 3741322 first
Take the original and photocopy in so that the JPs can check the photocopy against the original copy.

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