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Applying for part-time or casual work.

This type of work generally required a CV , a good telephone introduction and conversation and the right impression at the interview. Get the expectation right, think about the money. As a school leaver realistic about required tasks, don’t groan if you are asked to do dished or sweep up,...etc. You employer could probably be a referee for your next job applications so always be punctual and respectful.

Interview Preparation

Click on https://www.myworldofwork.co.uk/myinterviewtool/start for a FUN interactive tool designed for you to trial answering interview questions.


More Interview tips


  • Behavioural Interview Guide and sample questions - STAR Interview Guide

    CV and Cover Letter Preparation to match YOU TO the JOB
    “CV Writing" Go to CV Builder https://www.careers.govt.n/tools/cv-builder/
    “How to Write a good cover letter” https://goo.gl/OFOzQO and goo.gl/UpKxXN