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Identify your Career Options   DUE DATE 9 APRIL 2013

Career Voyage is an Australian/NZ online program that will help you identify types of work that match your interests & preferences.  Career Voyage:

  • produces an interest profile and list of job suggestions for you to research
  • broadens your horizons by looking at a wide range of occupations
  • helps you by confirming (or otherwise) your existing ideas
  • provides back up suggestions
  • suggests types of work not previously heard of or considered.

Instructions for using Career Voyage
You and your username and password have only two attempts.

Please copy and save your results to your email or google.docs

You will need 30 minutes of quiet, uninterrupted time to allow you to focus on answering questions.


Google “Career Voyage NZ” (Career Voyage for New Zealand)
Create New client account
Enter Organisation ID as 001823
Click “Next” (See bottom right of your screen) “Next” again
Enter Details Create username
(firstnamelastname eg. annwhite) and password (save -mobile/email for reference) Choose an adviser (who can access your results) .. “Save”

CAREFULLY Choose Preferred Level of Study (*Do NOT choose 1,2 or 3!!!)
     Choose “5” if going to University (if a degree is your final goal)
     Choose “4” if going elsewhere e.g. work, Polytech (Certificate or Diploma)
Interest Guide (20 pages) make your unique choices
Click “Next”
Job Factors (15 pages)
Click “Top 40”   Select Jobs of interest.  Choose 2-5 Click “Add to notepad”
Copy, paste and rename your top 40 jobs to a google doc for future reference.  Save..
Click “Generate Report” you can print your report.
Read “Pros and Cons” Section - This could save you years of doing a job you don’t like. It points out possible things you won’t enjoy such as working outside in noise for a forestry worker! The pros and cons are based on your personality and is very useful at looking at advantages and disadvantages of you choosing particular jobs. It matches jobs positives and negatives to your preferences. Add to notepad
Read Show Similar Jobs it shows other jobs in the field suggested. Worth a good look!
Career Research on NZ websites eg. www.justthejob.co.nz www.careers.govt.nz
Action Plan – optional, you could complete after research.

Resume writing – use as guidelines for CV writing.
1. Interest Guide - personal likes/dislikes.
2. Interest Profile - work related interests
3. Job Factors - preferred working environment?
4. Job Suggestions - a list of suggested occupations is provided in order of suitability.
5. Report Centre - print your report of job suggestions (Saved in your Google docs too!)

Year 13s Your adviser can access completed reports for your careers interview!

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