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How to borrow and read eBooks

1.    Go to Western Springs College home page.

2.    Click WSC Electronic Library Platform icon.

3.    Click new platform app.

4.    Scroll down and click Google Play or App Store or Windows 8 button.

5.    Click install button.

6.    After downloading is complete, app will show up as

7.    Click app and find your library by entering Western Springs College or searching through the list.

8.    Select Western Springs College.

9.    You should then be on Western Springs College Wheelers site.

10. Login via open id (your gmail + password).

11. Browse library and select book you want to borrow.

12. Click borrow now.

13. Click read now.

14. After a few seconds the book should be ready for reading offline.

15. Open the eplatform app when you want to begin reading or to borrow again.
The book/s you are currently reading will be listed under My Shelf.
To borrow more books click on Western Springs College.

16. To read offline:
a)   Click on eplatform app
b)   Click on book you want to read (listed under My Shelf).
c)   Click on Return to reading or Read Now
or you may be taken directly to the last page you were reading.

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