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   School Hazard Register

Purpose: Health and safety legislation requires anyone in control of the workplace to identify the potential hazards of the proposed work, assess the risks involved to determine the level of significance of the hazards – both actual and potential. Controls must then be developed to eliminate, isolate of minimise the associated hazard and risks or harm/injury to employees and volunteers or others.

The purpose of the Western Springs College Hazard Register is to provide a living document that must be updated when any new hazards are identified at the school by staff, students, site users and contractors.  New hazards should be recorded in the Hazard & Incident (Accident/Near-miss) Records and the Hazards Register should then be updated regularly.  

Scope: The Hazard Register is to be used to identify any risks that have been identified at or near the WSC site and where those risks may cause harm. It is the responsibility of the all staff to report risks as and when they arise. Feedback from staff is critical to ensuring that the Hazard Register properly reflects known and potential Hazards at Western Springs College.

link to full Hazard Register