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Subject Planner 2018 ..

Victoria (Vic), AUT, Unitec, Otago, Massey & Auckland University (UofAk) only are included in this subject guide.  Also, check this website www.nomajordrama.co.nz. 
Verify information here with University websites, please.
Go to Secondary Education heading under How to Enter Job section at https://www.careers.govt.nz/tools/careerquest/

Subject Guide for Careers after school - 2018

Victoria (Vic), AUT, Unitec, Otago, Massey & Auckland University (UofAk) only are included in this subject guide.  Please check information in other providers’ websites offering comparable courses.





Degree (3+2 years)

Auckland University

Victoria University


UofAk **GES 230, Portfolio, 16 Level 3 Table A* credits & 16 Level 3 Table B* credits + written statement.

Unitec Degree, portfolio, UE , interview

Vic Calc/Stats or Physics, Tec, Eng, Creative Arts, DesVisComm recommended.

Agri-Commerce and AgriScience

Degree (3 years)

Massey Lincoln

UE Bio, Chem, Stats recommended


Degree (3 years)

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

ALL Universities - check individual website

English, Classics, Art History, Music, History, Geography, Languages, Philosophy, Economics or Social Studies, Media Studies all useful background subjects.

Statistics useful in Social Sciences:

UofAk **GES 150 (Psychology as a BSc  GES 165)


Degree (3 years)


Calc & Phys, Eng highly recommended (Medical & other tests)

*Private flight schools - different requirements*


Degree (3 years)

Most Universities


Auckland University BCom or BProp

Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus or Statistics

Accounting & Economics desirable but not compulsory.

UofAk 16 creds L3 in 3 Table A +/or B subj GES 180

Unitec UE

AUT Stats, business + language rich subjects useful

Otago  Recommended Stats, english rich, calc for some

Massey  Mathematics recommended

Vic  Acctg,  Economics maths + english rich recommended


Degree (3 years)

Comp Science

Most Universities

Diploma Polytechnics

Level 3 Calculus or Statistics (Physics useful)

UofAk **GES 165.

Otago Calc and stats + language rich recommended

AUT: **GES 120+, & have one or more subjects from Calculus, Mathematics, Statistics. All other applicants who have met UE will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Students who do not have the above background may be directed to take certain papers in their first year.


Degree Massey/Unitec

Massey Either Calc (preferred) or Stats. Phys recommend

Unitec UE and 12 credits L2 Maths and english

Comm Music

Degree (3 yr)  Massey

Short audition only.UE

Dental Technology

Degree (3 yrs) Otago

14 cred L3 Chem, L3 Physics, Bio L2 (recommended), Maths + English rich useful

Oral Health

Degree (3 years) Otago or AUT

Otago 14 credits L3 Biology, English

AUT  Biology, English and PE L3 useful


Degree Otago

Level 3 Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics + one English rich subject


Degree (4 years)

Auckland University

Canterbury University

AUT Unitec

Waikato University

Victoria University

Massey University

Level 3 Calculus, Physics.

UofAk **GES 260, 17 ext Level 3 credits in Calculus + 16 Level 3 credits ext  Physics

AUT Guaranteed entry for GES 250 or higher,  14 NCEA level 3 credits in both Calc & Phys. Students with UE and Phys&Calc with 14 creduts can apply. http://bit.ly/2umKPVI

Canterbury 14 credits Calc,14 credits physics (14 credits Chem only required for some majors) 18 credits are strongly recommended in all subjects.

Massey Univ 16 credits Calc and Physics, 14 credits Chem (for Chem & Bioprocess major)

Waikato 16 credits L3  Calc (software), 14 cred Physics (Civil), + Chem (BioEng, Environment, Materials majors),

Fine Arts

Art and Design

(Various programmes)

Degree (3-4 years)

Auckland University

Massey Uni Victoria

AUT   MIT   Unitec


AUT Design Level 3 Creative Arts* subjects. Portfolio/interview likely to be required.Competitive

AUT BVis Arts Classics, Art Des, DigiTech, English, History, History of Art , Media, Painting, Photography etc..

UofAk  UE + Selected on basis of Portfolio work, written statement and interview likely.

Unitec UE and portfolio

Food Science Nutrition

Degree (3 years)


Otago & Auckland Uni

AUT Level 3 Biology, Maths and other sciences preferred

Massey Univ  Blend of L3 Sci, Bio, Chem recomm’d

UoAk Chem, Bio, Physics useful, Maths GES 200

Otago: L3 Chem Maths Physics recommended

Food Technology (Hons)

Degree (4 years)

Massey University

Massey Univ 16 L3 credits Physics, 16 L3 credits Calculus, 14 credits L3 Chemistry

Hospitality -Man’ment & Tourism

Degree (3 years)

AUT + other tertiaries

UE in any subjects.  Tourism and Food Tech useful.



Degree (3 years)

AUT (Communication)

Massey Uni  Unitec

NZ School Broadcasting

AUT:Preferred entry: given to applicants who have: UE with a rank score of 180 or higher, with 14 credits in each of two subjects from Classical Studies, Drama, English, Geography, Health Education, History, History of Art, Media Studies, Social Studies, Te Reo Māori or Te Reo Rang.More here Massey and Unitec :UE


Degree (4 years)

Most Universities

Level 3 English and related subjects e.g. History, Classics, Geography, Economics.Law requires v good language skills

AUT Preference will be given to applicants who have completed Year 13 with the highest rank scores

Medical Laboratory Science**

Degree (4 years)


Otago Uni (BHSc)

AUT  Level 3 Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics recomm

Otago Level 3 Biology, Chemistry, Phys, Maths HSFY

Medical Imaging++

Degree (3 years)

Unitec and ARA (Chch)

UE, 12 L3 credits in each of Maths, English and one Science  First Aid Cert (Health) and 12 L3 credits in Maths, a science and english. Competitive so grades impt!

Medical Radiation Therapy

Degree (3 years)

Otago Uni (Wellington)

Must complete ONE of these at Level 3 (minimum 16 credits): English, Te Reo or Rangatira, Classics, History, Geography, Art History  AND one  Maths (Stats or Calc)  AND either Physics or Biology. OR HSFY (Otago)

Final admission is subject to confirmation of NCEA Level 3 results. Applicants are initially considered based on NCEA Level 2 performance and subjects taken for NCEA Level 3.

Health Science (2ndyear Medicine)

Degree (6 years)

Otago University

Auckland University


Otago Level 3 Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Maths, English rich highly recommended

UofA (GES 280 Biomed) or (GES 250 BHSc) with  min 18 credits in one Table A & Table B subject

AUT Refer to discipline: http://www.aut.ac.nz/__data/assets/pdf_file/0005/613166/2018-Career-Advisor-Guide.pdf


Degree (3 years)

Programmes vary with different Tertiary orgs

Level 2 & 3 Music GES 150 for Composition at UofA

Academic as well as performance skills required.

UE + audition


Degree (3 years)

Auckland University


Unitec (check websites)

MIT and other Polytechs

UofAk **GES 230, 18 Level 3 credits Table A and 18 Level 3 credits in Biology or Chemistry or Physics

AUT Highest rank scores and/or other relevnat accomplishments. Interview. One of Classical Studies, Drama, English, Geo, Health Ed, History, Art History, Media Studies, Social Studies or Te Reo Māori or Te Reo Rangatira and at least One L3 Science or L3 Maths UNITEC: 12 credits in any L2 science.


Degree (5 years total)

Auckland University

UofAuck 1st year BSc Biomedical Science Intermediate year. (GES 280) One English rich preferred, Maths and three Sciences (Bio +Che +Physics) Competitive.

Performing Arts

Auckland Bachelor of Dance Studies

Unitec Bachelor ofPerf’ming  & Screen Arts (Contemp Dance/ Acting/ Directing & Writing/ Screen Arts)

UofA  Dance  UE, CV interview, audition may be required. L2, L3 Dance recommended.

Unitec  L2,3 Drama Interview/audition and

UE, medical  L3 Performing Arts Technology useful

Unitec Dip/Cert Perform Tech

Otago BPA

Pharmacy (domestic students only)

Degree (4 years + 1 year internship)

Auckland University

Otago Uni (HSFY)

Otago Level 3 Biology, Chemistry

Maths, Physics +English rich useful

UofAk  Entry via First year Bachelor Health Science( see requirements), interview

Physical Education

(Sport Health and PE Auck Uni)

Degree (4 years)

AUT   Unitec

Auckland Uni

Otago University

UofA GES 150

Otago L3  Bio and PE helpful.

AUT 14 Level 3 credits in Health or PE or Maths or a Science.  English L2 required.


Degree (4 years)


Otago University (BHSc)

Otago  Level 3 Biology, Chemistry &  Physics + English rich

AUT UE, Competitive entry, maths and sciences recommended

Urban Planning

Degree (4 years)

Auckland University

Level 3 Geography useful, written statement, interview

UofAk **GES 230


Degree (3 years)

All universities (check websites)

Level 3 Biology, Chemistry, Maths, Physics, geography… (varies with type of Science degree)

UofAk  **GES 165-280  (check website for recommended subjects for majors)

Social Work++

Degree (4 years)

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)

Massey University

Auckland University

Canterbury Uni and Otago

Level 3 Arts or Social Science subjects

UofAk **GES 150 Interview likely, police clearance

Referees reports.

Massey UE

Speech and Language Therapy

Degree Hons(4 years)

Massey University

Canterbury Uni(check website)

Massey Univ 14 Level 3 credits in English, 16 Level 3 credits in Biology or Chemistry or Physics or Science or Maths

Canterbury: Intermediate year required, science background recommended.

Sport & Exercise

Sports & Recreation or Sport & Leisure

BSc - Sports Science (Auck)

Degree level programmes

AUT   Auckland University BPhysEd

(Science degree)

Canterbury Massey

Waikato Otago (Sports & Exercise Nutrition BAppSc) PhysEd

AUT 14 Level3 credits from one of Health, PE, Maths or Sciences.

Interview may be required.

UofAk **GES 180 Level 3

Otago Uni See Phys Education above


Surveying Degree (4 years)

Otago University

Unitec (Diploma level land surveying

Otago Level 3 Calc & Physics highly recommended as well as a writing subject. Geo and digital tech useful.

Unitec a minimum total of 48 NCEA credits at level 2 in four subjects, including at least 12 credits in Mathematics (in Algebra, Calculus and Trigonometry)

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying

Massey (3 year)

Unitec (2 year)

Massey UE, L3 Maths str recommended & Physics rec

Unitec have at least 12 credits at NCEA level 2 in Mathematics and UE

Education /Teaching++

Degree (3-4 years)

Check websites (not at Massey)

Level 3 English & appr subjects. Interview referee reports.

UofAk **GES 150 + interview

BPhysEd Otago and Auck

Veterinary Science

Degree (5 years)

Massey (Vet Sci 1st Yr)

Massey Univ  Level 3 Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Stats & 1 Eng rich competitive

Veterinary Tech

Massey (3 years)

Massey L3 14 credits Chem, Bio and a Maths

Vet Nursing and

Bachelor Animal Man’g’t & Welfare

Diploma (2 years)


Unitec Dip in Vet Nursing – 60 Level 2 credits in best 4 subjects.

Level 3 Maths, Biology, English

UE for Animal Welfare degree

Bachelor of Aviation

Massey (Manawatu)

Or Private Flying schools

L3 Physics and Calculus, English, Navigation, Class 1 Med Cert, aptitude, simulator assessment, interview, written tasks.

Contact enrolments@ private flying schools eg Ardmore

++Reference checks and police clearance may be required.

*Creative Arts subjects leading to a portfolio & include Photography, Design and Visual Communication (Graphics), Painting, Art Design, Printmaking and Media studies.

University approved subject list:  http://goo.gl/1oLT8Q

University Entrance Requirements

Auckland University 2018 click here for full details

Table A

Table B

Classical Studies




History of Art

Te Reo Maori OR Te Reo Rangatira









*Maths cannot be used in combination with Stats or Calculus. Digital tech 91632-91642 will be in Table B from 2018.

AUT Entry Requirements click here

Otago Uni Recommended Subjects
click here

Massey university recommended subjects click here

Unitec Entry requirements click here

There are pathways into most Unitec courses for most students.  (Please note that Unitec has many other certificate and diploma courses with Level 1 and level 2 entry requirements).

Trade Careers and others

Trades for Unitec - Plumbing 12 credits L1 English required.  L2 Maths and Physics are both recommended.  

Electrical - L2 maths recommended, relevant L2 Science credits, Hard Tech

ETCO requirements- school recommendation and minimum of 8 L2 or higher NCEA credits in

English / or L2 literacy

Maths the algebra Pythagoras trigonometry sort

And L2 - an industry related science preferably some Physics.

Unitec have a wide range of Certificates, Diplomas and degrees in Automotive Technology, Building Technology, Construction, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, furniture and Cabinet-making, Plumbing and gas-fitting, Welding and fabrication.

Other careers not included on this list include podiatry (AUT), osteopathy (Unitec), occupational therapy (Wintec Otago Polytech and AUT) health promotion (AUT /Auck Uni), psychology, theology, paramedic (AUT), midwifery, marine sciences/surveying.

MIT has these and other trades including marine engineering, logistics etc here http://www.manukau.ac.nz/programmes/areas-of-study.

Health Careers –Health workers and educators, therapists and health areas.

Technology Careers – designer, technologist, all trades, technical jobs, people who work with materials (wood, clothing and textiles, metal) etc.

It is important to note that not all jobs require a bachelor’s degrees and students should feel encouraged to look at the option of studying for a two year diploma or one year certificate course.  In some cases, a diploma may lead to a reasonable job, similar  pay or even further study towards a degree (at Unitec).

While the information contained within this document has been checked, we cannot guarantee that it is correct, complete, or up-to-date. Courses and entry requirements change and we recommend you check websites.

Defence Careers -  are wanting students to have NCEA L3 or use alternative pathways eg. have a trade

Where to study different majors and degrees

The website below (‘No Major Drama’) can show you study locations of different or the same majors around New Zealand:  http://www.nomajordrama.co.nz/

Guidelines for Career Research

If you are undecided, then you can talk to your form teacher, subject teacher, or career counsellor. If you need ideas about jobs then try the Subject Matcher tool:  click here .  Have you completed “Career Quest”?  If not then try here

https://www.careers.govt.nz/ is an excellent source https://www.careers.govt.nz/of information. Search job database, scroll down, Click “More about job”, “how to enter job” and scroll down to “Secondary Education” to find recommended subjects.

Research the types of jobs you might want to do in the future.  Go to the careers website (www.careers.govt.nz/jobsdatabase) and research the qhttps://www.careers.govt.nz/qualification(s) needed under “How to enter the job”.  Talk to many as many people as you can about their jobs.

Worried about Job Market? Pay? Cost of Training?

Use Occupational Outlook http://occupationoutlook.mbie.govt.nz/

General Advice

  • If you are not ready to make a decision about your future career then try to narrow your choices to an area of work for your consideration.

  • Keep your options open as you may change your mind about your plans.

  • You may not gain entry into your chosen subject at a higher level unless you have met prerequisites. You need to discuss the prerequisites with Heads of Departments for the higher levels of study in their subject.

Career Research on NZ Careers website

Begin by researching the types of jobs you might want to do in the future.  Look up the Careers website www.careers.govt.nz/jobsdatabase and research  the qualification needed under “How to enter the job”

and find "Secondary Education"


Example below shows “How to Enter the Job”   for an ‘architect’ showing Bachelor of Architectural Studies…under  “Entry Requirements”


Entry requirements

Secondary education

        Useful subjects include physics, art, graphics, computer studies, environmental studies, history, geography, calculus and maths.

Calculating GUARANTEED ENTRY SCORE (GES) used at Universities

 Students’ rank score will be based on their 80 best credits in University Entrance approved subjects at Level 3 or higher.  ·You can use credits up to a maximum of 5 approved subjects.

The rank score will be calculated by awarding points as follows:

Excellence  = 4 points

Merit  = 3 points

Achieved = 2 points

Example of Student A Ranked Score calculation


Approved subject (best 24 credits per subject – 5 approved subjects)

Excellence credits

Merit credits

Achieved credits

Rank Score









Statistics and Modelling
















Best 80 credits



42 (can only count 42/66)

Rank Score

Calculate points

48 pts (12 x 4)

78 pts (26 x 3)

84 pts (42 x 2)


Secondary education