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For Parents

In counselling students can talk about problems and concerns in a safe place with someone who will support them.  We keep all things said to us private, except where the young persons safety is of concern.  We would then spend time discussing this with them and asking who else should be involved to keep them safe.  Please be assured that we will involve you if we are at all worried for their wellbeing.  

Students are allowed to be seen during school hours.  However this is a negotiation with their teachers and we may need to readjust appointment times to accomodate learning requirements.  We are also available before school, interval, lunch, study periods and after school.  They can see us to make appointments, write us a note and place it in the  envelopes on our doors, email us or text the Waiora line 022 492 4672.  Parents do email if you have concerns for your child.

We are not family therapists but we can meet with you to discuss issues of concern for you.  On our links are family therapists who we can recommend.  


A Counsellor can help to:-

Improve how you feel about yourself    
Think about things in a new way    
Do things differently    
Reduce your stress    
+ Open new options or directions for yourself    
+ Plan and set your goals    
+ Explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours    
+ Get to know yourself better    
+ Improve your relationships
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