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AS 90599 3.1 Demonstrate understanding of a specific media industry
 Externally assessed on November 28th 2011  at 2pm

 This area is your one stop shop for all things to do with the New Zealand Film Industry unit. Please utilise the
  extensive list of links on the right. ESPECIALLY the film industry links page. It will be changing right up to the day of the exam

You will find all the handouts relating to assessment on the right also.

A quick link to articles we are using in this unit can also be found here. It is highly recommended that you read these articles (or at least a selection of them) before you sit the exam. More specific links can be found on the links page to the right.


A study by PricewaterhouseCoopers last year found the New Zealand screen industry had a significant economic impact. It found that in 2008:

22,000 jobs were created

$2.5 billion was contributed to the New Zealand economy.

$63,000 average salaries generated. In the post-production area, the figure was $91,000. The 2008 national average salary was $39,000.

$133,000: the average direct value added per employee in the film and television sector.

Invaluable: raised international awareness of the New Zealand "brand", which the report said boosts tourism, heightens positive perceptions of New Zealand products and contributes to an enhanced sense of national identity.


In 2010:

Production as a whole is down 8% from 2008

Post Production is up by 21%

Auckland’s revenue for feature films declined in 2008/9 by 42 % to $220 million

Feature films produced by Wellington businesses earned two-thirds of the revenue for feature film production. In the Wellington region, revenue for this subsector grew by 70 percent to $429 million

$2.873 Million was contributed to the economy from the screen industry in 2010

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