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The latest:
I'll update this right up til the exam, so keep checking folks:

20th November - read this! One person's take on where the film industry could be heading and current issues for the industry
A FABULOUS interview with John Barnett (26th october) on the Hobbit saga can be found here. The interviewer even uses the word RAMIFICATIONS - in order to get merit or excellence you will need to discuss the RAMIFICATIONS or CONSEQUENCES of this issue.
  • Here is a podcast about This Way of Life
  • Here is the place to find a couple of podcasts about The Insatiable Moon. There's one with the film makers and one called At the Movies - you'll find the Insatiable Moon stuff about 3/4 the way in.
  • Other links to do with 'frugal film making' are here.
  • Stuff about film festivals is here.
  • Here is an article with up to date figures about the money the screen industry was making for NZ in 2009 and some figures about the contribution of foreign films made here to the NZ economy in 2009.
  •  This article highlights how Auckland is integral to the screen industry in NZ
  • BUT!!!! Compare these figures with those in this very recent (October 10th 2010) article suggesting that the Auckland screen industry is starting to move from BOOM to BUST
  • Keep an eye on the Hobbit debate here
  • Stuff about the Film Commission is here


Government Agencies

The Film Commission
The film commission is the first step for most filmmakers needing finance for their films. The film commission website gives information about a variety of funding options for New Zealand short and feature films, co-productions, finance for overseas filmmakers making film here. It also has a lot of information about current and past New Zealand films.

Government Promotional Bodies

Film New Zealand
Film New Zealand is the primarily government funded film locations office. They perform industry information and marketing services. They are NOT a funding agency but provide interesting and relevant information on all aspects of the NZ film industry.  Also at this link you can find information on the Large Budget Scheme Production Grant and the new Screen Production incentive fund

Industry Guilds and Associations
The Screen Council (Purangiaho Aotearoa)
The New Zealand Screen Council is an independent industry organisation charged with the responsibility of facilitating growth within the New Zealand screen production sector. The establishment of the Screen Council was one of the key recommendations of the Screen Production Taskforce, one of four sector taskforces established by the government in May 2002. The taskforces were charged with developing growth targets for their sector and to report on what was needed to reach those targets and stimulate growth across the economy. Government funding has recently been cut and the screen council role scaled down – but there are still plenty of resources to be found on the site

Screen Directors Guild of New Zealand

The Screen Production and Development Association of New Zealand

Film and Video Technician’s Guild

Actors Equity

Women in film

Maori film and TV makers

Greening the screen – an environmental toolkit for the screen industry

Production Companies and Technical Support Companies

Reports off the Net

Statistics NZ – Screen Industry surveys

General go to sites for NZ film and film makers