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GAT 2013

GAT provision at WSC is Department based and all HOD's have a section on their GAT provision in their annual departmental report and in their unit plans. WSC is a mixed ability school and departments use differentiation of lesson content, process or product, run enrichment programmes and accelerate some students.

Philosphy began as part of the Gat programme and is now offered as an option at all levels.

As GAT co-ordinator, I run a withdrawal class for Y9 Maori and Pacific Island students identified by teachers according to certain criteria.
I attempted to introduce ANCHOR ACTIVITIES and Community Problem Solving without success to meet the learning needs of other Y9 and 10 students.

Department Reports includes Media, Mathematics, Geography, Science, Commerce, ESOL, Philosophy.

Student Referral to GAT Programmes
Peer Referral
Follow this link to download a form to complete if you would like to nominate someone for the GAT programme. Hand the completed form to  Jenny Jones (S4)

Self Evaluation for GAT
Follow this link to an online questionaire that will ask you about your interests, challenges and future plans. When you have completed you will be emailed a summary of personalised report giving you lots of practical information and suggestions based on your responses to the questions, which you can save.